Competative Veterinary Product Pricing

 We work very hard to keep the prices of our services and products at a reasonable level.  As most of you know, the prices of most goods and services in this area are far less than those of major metropolitan areas.


Some well known pet medicine suppliers like to advertise that their prices are cheaper than your vet.  While that may be the case in some areas, we find that our "EVERY DAY" prices are almost always lower than theirs.  Occasionally, they may run a special that is slightly less than our regular price.  We get many people who just assume that these companies are less expensive without actually checking prices.

There is one other very important point for you to consider when choosing a place to purchase your pet or animal products.  Who are you going to call when your pet or horse or cow is experiencing an emergency medical condition?  The internet supply companies and catalog order companies will not be the ones coming to help you.

     We try very hard to be there for our clients and we appreciate your business.